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The Power of Onboarding

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

The power of onboarding new hires the right way cannot be overstated!

When you nail the onboarding with a well-designed process its sets the foundation for a strong employer-employee relationship, fosters engagement, and ensures the long-term success of both your new hire and your organisation.

By investing time and effort into creating a positive onboarding experience, you can improve employee retention, productivity, and overall workplace satisfaction. Who doesn’t want that?!

Unfortunately, many businesses still overlook the importance of onboarding, I’m sure you’ve heard stories of people starting their new jobs with no IT set-up and even worse…no workspace!

Onboarding is actually the key to unlocking the full potential of your new hire. In small to medium businesses, it's even more vital to get it right from the start.

So why is onboarding so important?

  • Faster integration and therefore productivity: Proper onboarding provides new employees with a comprehensive understanding of your business culture, values, and work processes. By facilitating a seamless integration, your new hire can adapt quickly to their role and become productive faster

  • Employee retention: Research consistently shows that a well-structured onboarding process significantly improves employee retention. When new hires feel welcomed and supported during their initial days, they are more likely to remain connected and committed to your company

  • Employee engagement and morale: A positive onboarding experience fosters a sense of belonging, it creates a positive impression, making employees feel valued and excited to be part of your business journey

Another consideration to bear in mind is with the rise of hybrid working, having an effective digital onboarding is also important. With virtual training, online orientation, and digital team bonding, your hybrid or remote employee can thrive no matter where they're located.

4 best practices to ace your onboarding!🏆


  • Even before your new hire's official start date, you should be engaging in pre-onboarding activities to set the stage for a smooth transition. Sending welcome emails (even better; along with a gift basket!), paperwork, and introductory materials can help your new hire feel welcomed and informed and make sure you get that IT set up underway!

  • Make it fun! Drop your new hire a friendly email before they join, saying, "Hey, we can't wait to have you on the team!" Include some fun titbits about your company culture and maybe ask them something about themselves that you can use later to really personalise their introduction to the team – like, what is their go-to karaoke song? 🎤

Buddy System:

  • Assigning a buddy to new employees can significantly enhance the onboarding experience. A buddy can guide your new starter through your company’s nitty gritty (policies, mission, and vision). But it doesn't stop there! They also offer much-needed emotional support during those first days and are the go-to for any questions that pop up, like the all-important - where's the best spot to grab a coffee!

Training and Development:

  • Investing in training and development opportunities for new hires is crucial, if they don’t know what they need to do to thrive in your organisation, then how can they? Having a robust training plan can foster a sense of welcome and ease and also shows your commitment to their growth and success within your company.

Smooth the Transition:

  • This final phase aims to support your new employee as they transition from a new hire to a fully integrated team member. It is crucial for your organisation’s managers to establish well-defined expectations for the new team member, ensuring they understand their role and responsibilities clearly and to have regular one-on-one catchups to keep on track.

So, to wrap up; getting onboarding right really is the secret sauce to your company's success. Treat your new hire like a rockstar, and they'll repay you with loyalty, enthusiasm, and productivity.

When done right onboarding creates a magical environment where everyone feels welcome, supported, and excited to be part of the adventure. In small to medium businesses this is even more crucial as every team member is like a unique puzzle piece that completes the big picture.

A stellar onboarding process means happier employees, greater productivity, and a stronger company culture - it's a win-win! Happy onboarding! 🚀

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