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Cohesive teams collaborate better and move faster!

My focus is on building your best team through sourcing you exceptional people.

A partnership approach is my not-so-secret secret to placing the best people for your business. 

Because you're only ever dealing with me, we build a genuine long-term relationship.

I get to know the existing dynamics of your team, the strengths and the gaps and I consider the culture fit with the same weight as skills.

Surround yourself with the right people

I look after your brand

Your employee's experience with your business starts with the hiring process, and I recognise my role as a champion of your brand.

I guarantee their transparent experience will leave a positive impression for all candidates, no matter the outcome.

I work alongside you

Recuitment is time consuming and takes you away from the core focus of your role.

It's my job to wrangle the inbox of applications and enquiries, to ask the right questions on your behalf, and create a fair, respectful and relaxed process for everyone.

I set the bar high

I'm not driven by a bums-on-seats mentality. The only KPI I'm interested in is finding a fit that is the best outcome for both company and candidate.

That means I screen job seekers with true discretion, only putting forward people who are not only great on paper but who actually align with what matters to you.

I find talent that isn't looking

I start conversations with clever people, exploring the passive market for skills that could complement your business.

Tech has a part to play in finding great talent, but it's my intuition that actually leads the way when it comes to recognising human potential.

Let's put your people puzzle together

I love helping small-medium sized businesses build cohesive, high performing teams.

Because I get to know your business inside-out, I can help recruit across all functions of your organisation including:

  • Marketing

  • Technical

  • Accounts/Finance

  • Sales

  • Operations

  • General Management

  • Admin/Business Support

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Client Testimonial

"Vicky  really takes the time to understand our business, acts as a proud brand ambassador for us, and ensures all our applicants, that have taken the time to apply to us, get an individual response.


She only puts the best talent forward and saves us countless hours in our recruitment process.


She is a true outsourced recruitment partner, as and when we need her, that works in the best interests of us and our candidates to get the perfect match."

Brad Blake

Group Operations Manager

Vicky Blake. Outsourced Recruitment Partner

Ready to grow?

Let's co:lab!

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