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Placing people first!


I wanted to distance myself from the big-agency attitude to recruitment, and instead create a closer partnership approach to helping

New Zealand businesses grow. One that was less transactional, more collaborative and more personal.

I didn't want to work with sale targets as the main driver, as to me that takes away focus from the true measure of success:

fulfilled people and thriving businesses. After 17 years in the industry, both agency and in-house,

I love that I am now able to work in this space in a way that honours my own values and the people I work with.

I love what I do, but like you, the bigger 'why' is what happens after hours.

I’m a wife and mum of 3 teenagers, we recently adopted two rescue kittens; 2 ginger sisters - very playful and cute.

I love all things food and wine, home and interiors, reading (mainly crime fiction - is that weird?) and auto biographies.

Fridays are my favourite day and I love living in Auckland, although hailing from Dunedin originally, I'll always be a Mainlander - Go the Highlanders! 

I know that behind every CV is someone with a future they're working hard for, and I genuinely see my role as one that changes lives.

It sets up career pathways, reignites fires and elevates the potential for small to medium businesses.

Vicky Blake. talent co:lab

I'm Vicky Blake
Your Recruitment Partner

Vicky Blake. Your Recruitment Partner

Ready to grow?

Let's co:lab!

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