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Job Seekers

It's a job in itself finding a new job! 

Allow me to take the stress out of it for you.

I know looking for a new job can be nerve wracking but this isn't just about being impressive, it's about being authentic. Showing up as your true self is an important part of finding the right role; I make sure this is a space for you to do that.


While my role is to find candidates on behalf of my clients, I'm also here to offer the guidance, reassurance and advice you need to put your best foot forward. 

I listen to what you're looking for, and advocate for your talent in companies where I can see they would be appreciated.

Getting the 'fit' right for both job seekers and employers is key and I take the time to really get to know my candidates, what drives you, what you're like away from work - basically, who you really are!

Looking for your dream job?

Let's co:lab!

I have a no-ghost policy

I don't leave you hanging. There's nothing worse than waiting on edge for a call back or an update that never comes.

Every applicant for every role will receive acknowledgement and you'll be kept in the loop as your application progresses.

I know your time is valuable

Chances are, you have other commitments you need to work around,

so I work with flexibility to accommodate your schedule.

If you don't have time to meet for coffee, we can connect online.

If you can't speak discretely during the business day,

we'll make it work after hours 

(The coffee's are on me!)

I promise straight talk

I don't want to waste anyone's time. You'll get transparency around expectations of a role, including remuneration. It means you can make the right decision about whether the job is right for you, before getting too deep into the hiring process.

I look beyond the CV

I know you're in search of more than just a job.

And I know that what makes you great isn't necessarily defined by what it says on your CV.

This is about finding the right fit for you, as much as it is

for the company.

Candidate Testimonial
"I couldn't recommend Vicky more!
Vicky was such a pleasure to work with. She had my best interests in mind from the beginning and was really enthusiastic about making sure that I was put into a company that she knew I would benefit from and most of all fit in to.
From previous bad experience with a different recruitment agency, I was hesitant to try again but I am so grateful that I did.
I am now so happy where I am working and I wouldn't have done it without Vicky."
Emily Southworth

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