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Cover Letters – Yeah or Nah? The importance of Cover Letters in 2023

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

So, you’re applying for a new job – awesome, but you’re also thinking…meh, I can’t really be bothered writing a Cover Letter, am I right?

Well before you hit send on that application, you may be interested to know that even in 2023 the world of recruiting is still fairly formal. Hirers and applicants should be on their best behaviour, which means putting your best foot forward at each and every step in the process – and that begins with your application!

Not all job ads ask you to include a Cover Letter in your application, but if they specially do ask – follow instructions.

If the ad isn’t asking for one specifically…trust me, they still want one.

True story - I recently ran an ad for a Marketing Coordinator, specifically asking for a Cover Letter to be included, outlining what they can bring to the role. Out of the 55 applications, guess how many applicants did not include a Cover Letter? 27! That’s over half (and yes, I did go back through and count them all for you, as I remember thinking at the time that there were so many incomplete applications). Which is the point here, when you don’t include a Cover Letter, your application is incomplete.

Sure, I hear you say…but it’s a candidate market, good candidates are hard to come by so what does it matter? Or even worse is if you’re actually thinking the company would be lucky to have you, gah! To a Recruiter and Hiring Manager worth their salt, it does matter. I read every single application that comes through to me, which can be a big number, and very time consuming and I can tell you now, if I have two strong candidates, one who has a Cover Letter vs one who doesn’t…guess who will impress me more and get progressed? Exactly…they make such a difference.

Let’s also be clear here – having a CL with a couple of sentences won’t cut it! Don’t be lazy and don’t miss this opportunity to shine! We want to know about you, what makes you stand out from the crowd, and why you’re the perfect person for the company.

Your CV is what you have done to date, your CL is all about you personally and why you are a great fit.

Top tips:

  • Watch the grammar and also the format, the Cover Letter should match your CV

  • Tailor your CL to the job you’re applying for – we don’t want a generic letter and we love when applicants have researched the company

  • Use this opportunity to explain gaps in your CV; if you’re returning to the workforce after parental leave or your relocation plans if you live in a different city to where the job is

  • Don’t start each paragraph with an “I” statement – get creative and mix it up

  • Close with a call to action

  • Proof-read!

So, what we have learnt? The importance of Cover Letters in 2023 is powerful! They’re the perfect opportunity to market yourself (ironic for those aforementioned Marketing Coordinators eh!), so use it to make an impact and get that interview!

Remember – a Cover Letter shouldn’t be an afterthought or something to ditch all together – it’s your first, and sometimes only, opportunity to make an impression above everyone else, so get creative and make it a goodie!

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